Yet another article about js-interview In russian —

docker-compose for starting aerospike and memcache

Place this config wherever you like (in your project) — for instance, ~/myproj/docker/docker-compose.yml:

And this config for aerospike should be placed in a directory ~/myproj/docker/aerospike/etc/docker.conf After that you should run it like that:

When you finished, just run:

Cool speech on container insides for developer

We’ve run into problems on my work when k8s limits cpu to few processors, while go application can see all of them (setting GO_MAX_PROCS to maximum CPUs available) and go’s scheduler is going crazy because of that during highload (like stress-tests). It is caused by scheduling for, let’s say, 40 processors while you have cpu …

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Proxies and traffic sniffers for mac os

That’s a great one but it’s not cheap — They say this one is good as well and free — But I don’t like the interface.

React component lifecycle methods

Good article on react.js component lifecycle methods with DOs and DONTs:

How to count resource usage in linux

It will output something like this:

Javascript mocking frameworks

Classical one — TestDouble — There is a good video on using TestDouble from it’s creator:

Подборка статей по устройству javascript

Запустить memcached в докере

Под мак. Вдогонку — как смотреть статистику в мемкэше.

Собеседование. Что расспросить о компании Основные вопросы: When you were last interviewing, what were some of your other options, and what made you choose this company? How often have you moved teams? What made you join the team you’re on right now? If you wanted to move teams, what would need to happen? What is the most costly technical …

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