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What is a Service Mesh? Introductory article from NginX

The original is here — Another small introductory article on Istio you can find here. A service mesh is a configurable infrastructure layer for a microservices application. It makes communication between service instances flexible, reliable, and fast. The mesh provides service discovery, load balancing, encryption, authentication and authorization, support for the circuit breaker pattern, and other …

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Istio — platform for managing and connecting your microservices. Service mesh It’s flexible and modular service mesh made by Google, IBM and Lyft. It is a platform for managing your kubernetes system. It’s responsible traffic management, observability, policy enforcement, service identity and security. It provides features like service discovery, load balancing, A/B experiments, canary deployments, circuit breaking and health checks.

Kubectl helpful commands

Scale (up/down) pods:

More commands here —

Publish subdirectory of a project to gh-pages

If your build is located at ./build, then do this:

More details here —

docker-compose for starting aerospike and memcache

Place this config wherever you like (in your project) — for instance, ~/myproj/docker/docker-compose.yml:

And this config for aerospike should be placed in a directory ~/myproj/docker/aerospike/etc/docker.conf After that you should run it like that:

When you finished, just run:

How to count resource usage in linux

It will output something like this:

Запустить memcached в докере

Под мак. Вдогонку — как смотреть статистику в мемкэше.

Дешёвый регистратор доменов

Дешёвый регистратор доменов в зоне RU —

Ограничение скорости интернет в Mac OS

Shaper (шейпер) интернета для мака. Зайти в Apple’s Download Center и поискать «Hardware IO». Скачать, там найти Network Link Conditioner. Вот как с ним работать —

Хорошая книга по сетям

«High Performance Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik»: Бумажная версия Хорошая онлайн-версия «HTTP/2: A New Excerpt from High Performance Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik»: Электронная оффлайн-версия