Execution context and activation object in details

There are many interesting articles both in Russian and English. You can start with this one — http://dmitrysoshnikov.com/ecmascript/javascript-the-core/#execution-context-stack. In Russian — http://dmitrysoshnikov.com/ecmascript/ru-javascript-the-core/#stek-kontekstov-ispolneniya The short summary Javascript runtime is synchronous and processes Execution Context Stack. It’s bottom Execution Context is global object as everything starts with this. When some function or eval is being called, runtime …

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Multiple react applications on one page. Theory

Yes, it can be done. That’s how you render several react apps on one page:

Implementations of sort algorithms in javascript

Implementations of bubble, selection, merge, and quick sorts. https://gist.github.com/bullgare/0da3207aa55a200ce36837ff904962a2

Cool talk on js event loop and call stack

It’s junior-middle level, but animations are nice as well. https://youtu.be/8aGhZQkoFbQ Here’s an article about almost the same but in more details about difference between tasks’ queue (timeouts) and microtasks’ queue (promises and DOM modifications). The main idea is that there are several queues that have different priorities. And microtasks are more important than tasks. https://jakearchibald.com/2015/tasks-microtasks-queues-and-schedules/

Front-end interview questions with answers

Yeap, yet another one. https://github.com/yangshun/front-end-interview-handbook That’s what it has now: Table of Contents

React. Benchmarking and optimizing performance

There is a tool called react-addons-perf that should be imported into your project.

After that you can use Perf object in your console. It can tell you about your react performance issues, not including redux. For instance, you can check unnecessary renders or unnecessary change calculations:

Here’s more on that — https://reactjs.org/docs/perf.html. And …

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MVC vs Flux

They are all architecture patterns. M is for model. It stores generic logic for the model like fields and calculations based on the fields like validation and stuff. V is for view. It just renders stuff and passes user interactions (events) to it’s controller via controller’s API. C is for controller that ties models to …

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Nice scheduling service

And can be used for free. Calendar where you can post a schedule when you’re available for something to share with others. https://calendly.com/

Publish subdirectory of a project to gh-pages

If your build is located at ./build, then do this:

More details here — https://gist.github.com/cobyism/4730490

Testing react’s dom with jest and enzyme

Install it like this: